Monday, April 7, 2014

Comics, Satire and the Decline of Western Civilization

Before the days of single issue, one frame memes, there were comics! Comics, where the real questions
existence, the eternal struggle of the nature of duality and other awkward problems can be presented in a user friendly, safe (no one will judge you) format. You will be gently coaxed into understanding problems for which really smart* people have all the answers, so the rest of us need not trouble our pretty little heads. And how little trouble it is indeed for our pretty little heads. Thank goodness too, I am concerned with the preservation of my P.L.H.
Also don't forget Mad Magazine, and it's contribution to society-raising an entire generation who understands satire! In case you haven't noticed there are some folks who are painfully satire deficient. They can be recognized by their outraged responses to Onion and Borowitz report articles. Look out for them. If you meet one, immediately apply Mad Magazine to the face. You'll be doing us all a favor. It's not their fault that their parents were humorless comic-deniers. They deserve a shot at understanding humor, don't you think?
Another relevant tool that is available for anyone who is concerned about their lack of cultural knowledge, is the Classics Comics series. While these are lengthy, far more so than the 2-6 frame comic strip, the additional effort is worth your own personal development. If you can't get through the entire classic, fear not, there is a good chance that as long as the classic made it into movie or tv form, Mad Magazine will likely have parodied it at some point in time. Can't make it through Moby Dick? Mad offers Morbid Dick. You'll get the general gist of the story and you too can feel smart and cultured. Yay!

Some links:

Once you have completed this list, you may now safely refer to the Onion, Borowitz and other satirists secure in knowing that you will get the joke! Now get reading!

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