Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Declaration of levity


I've had it with activism. Really? you ask.

Look, things are really fucked up right now and most of us know it. Most of have a lot of nice ideas mostly concepts, few actual concrete plans, to make the world a better, cleaner, safer, more equal opportunity kind of place. This is great I love reading and listening to ideas, they give me hope. We also do a lot of complaining about the way things are. This has it's purpose too, it's what motivates us and others to action. It's one way we can help educate and inform people who also really care and want a better world but barely even know how fucked up it is (much less how it got that way)

I've been having a lot of flashbacky memories from the 60's lately, probably because there's something about this time-place that feels similar. Discontent, government and military secrets exposed, assassinations (although they have learned to pick less dramatic attention drawing targets now) groups of people organizing and protesting, demanding change of some sort or another. People are flocking to counter-culture groups (do they use that word anymore?) seeking a sense of community and belonging. So yeah we are replaying many of the old tunes, to use a turn of phrase.

If you read this blog regularly you know I've been wrestling with my own demons as to how to most effectively create change, hope and all those happy sunny Obama-isms (please do not confuse my use of Obama-isms with an endorsement of said President). I am tired of demon-wrestling. I am tired of thinking, strategics, meeting, protesting and petitioning. Most of all I am tired of debating with other people, who ultimately desire the same goals and outcomes, but fail to catch any tread because they are too busy talking. I'm glad they're talking, it's a good thing, but those of us who have been at this for a while have had those conversations, we don't need to rehash the same socio-political theories...we've seen how well they translate into real life (spoiler alert college students and young ones-don't waste too much time beyond gaining a general grasp, ok?)

From now on I'm going with my gut, I'm letting my intuition guide me, and goddamn it, if we're all going down in a blaze of glory, or conversely in a slow sucking journey into the depths of poverty and government control, I'm going out in style. I'm gonna have fun. I'm gonna laugh and sing and dance and play in spite and defiance of the "Man" and in celebration of Myself and my Loved ones.

Let the revolution be a party!