Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Flower Child is Back!

As with most ventures in my life, my journey into the world of blogging has been a playful adventure, a free flowing experiment that is guided more by creative flow and intuition than by  formula and instruction.  I am bored by tradition instruction manuals and prefer to learn by trial and error. Sometimes I make up the rules as I go along. Sometimes I make mistakes and sometimes I am blessed by Divine Alchemy that transforms my blunders into blossoms of truth and beauty.
I know that my way of doing things drives some people crazy. Some people find it merely irritating and for others it is downright unsettling. And then there are my kindred souls, free spirits like myself who are completely comfortable living life "with the flow", sailing our ships by star patterns instead of maps or other guidance devices.
It's all good it's all valid, the world needs all kinds of people, the left brainers and the right brainers and even the no-brainers. We all work together to weave the pattern of this thing that is life on earth. We may not always understand each other, but we all need each other, whether we realize it or not.
One of my fondest hopes for the current trend in social and political disruption and reformation is that we will begin to realize just how important we are to each other. For my part, the most exciting potential that is offered in these times is the opportunity to restructure our communities and to forge cooperative systems of reciprocity where all talents, abilities and unique world views are valued. And yes, even the so called, nasty or objectionable behaviors and mindsets do have value, in my opinion. After all if it weren't for the grand escalation of greed and corruption that turned the financial and political domain on it's head we never would have reached a critical breaking point that brought people of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds together in fierce unity.
And what does all this have to do with my erratic experimentation with the world of blogging you ask? Well I'll tell you. Obviously I started this blog at a time when I thought it might be fun to retell some of the stories from my unconventional childhood, kind of a series of mini memoirs. Later it turned out that was kind of a whim and I ended up putting most of my focus on my primary blog and playing around with other social networking formats and doing some additional writing on the side. As I became more involved in the current political and social movements, my experiences there and the insights they have produced began to spill over into my blog. One day I realized, as I was found myself crunching stories of activism into different shapes in a desperate effort to make them fit my blog, I had strayed from my original intention and purpose.
Of course, if I had read and followed the rules of blogging 101, I probably would have caught myself sooner, but it is what it is and here I am slightly off course but never lost. Another lesson learned by trial and error. As often happens to us stargazers it was a bit of that Divine intervention that led me to take a look at the odds and ends of my entire social networking adventure and decide to do some house cleaning.  I was about to delete this blog thinking,  "ach I never write about my childhood, I'm far too busy living in the now" but as I reviewed at the posts and the pictures I'd shared, recalling the memories of those years, i discovered that my unconventional childhood is alive and well in my adult self. It is the passionate idealism that drives my involvement in the current movement for social change. My commitment to Social Justice and Equality and my taste for rebellion were nurtured in that era of the "turbulent 60's".  I was born for this kind of stuff! I can scarcely think of any other time in history where I felt more at home, or have had such a clear sense of purpose and actually believed that just maybe I have been in the right place at the right time after all.

ã 2012 Jennifer Hazard/Adventures of a Flower Child