Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photo Flashbacks

Hey Everyone,

Teen angst

My Brother and Me
I haven't abandoned my Hippie Girl blog entirely, I've just been focused on other projects. as if a prompt from the Universe, a package arrived in the mail from my Mother last week. Inside the box were stacks of old photos and boxes slides from from my childhood years. Browsing through the pictures triggered memories I had kept stored away in the cobwebby corners of my mind for decades. I posted some of the pics on my facebook account and quite soon afterward friends and family began commenting and sharing their own memories of those days. what a perfect gift from my mother at this time in my life when I have experienced so many transitions, transformations and am now in the delightful process of rebuilding. Rebuilding becomes much more authentic when we bring pieces of our history along for the ride!

My Mom in her artists studio